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Our floor tile and grout cleaning services can get the tiles in your home sparkling again. Are you tired of that dark tint to the floors in your home? Perhaps, you are tired of your home tiles being in a permanent dirty state. Let our grout and tile cleaning professionals do the hard work for you. Splash and Shine is the leading provider of floor tile and grout cleaning services in Toronto.

Our grout and tile cleaning service is excellent as a result of the years of experience and expertise that we put into the job. Our floor and tile technicians use state of the art technology to clean and restore the tiles in your homes to a sparkling new state. Contact us today!

Splash and Shine is ready to handle all of your floor tiles and grout restoration plus removal needs. Our experts can clean and restore all types of floor tiles. Regardless of the colour and severity of your grout situation, our expert grout and floor tile cleaning service have got you covered. Contact us today!

We will restore the tiles in your rooms and bathroom to a shining perfection in no time!

Floor Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Our Process

Our grout and tile cleaning service is the best way to restore dingy-looking floors. Have you been wondering how to get rid of the dirt in the grout in your home? Our technicians are experts in the restoration of grout lines. We have years of experience and understand exactly how to maintain the floor grout in your home.

Grout can be described as a porous substance that can be stained by dirty water, spillage, grease and other contaminants. Over time, the accumulation of grout can make your floors look dirty even when you clean your floors regularly. Here at Splash and Shine, we start by applying cutting edge grout solutions to your floors. Afterwards, the dirt removal agent is agitated into your floor using state of the art hand or floor machines. Then, we use a high pressure extracting machine to pull dirt and other contaminants from your floor tiles and the pores in your grout.

The process described above is carried out with the highest level of expertise. We start by assessing your floors and determining the best combination of agents to restore your floor tile and grout. We handle floor tile and grout cleaning services with an exceptional eye for detail that guarantees the best results. After removing the dirt in your grout lines and floor tiles, our grout and tile cleaning service ends with rinsing and sealing steps. We then seal the floors in your home with special solutions to leave them with a polished, shiny look.

Our floor tile and grout cleaning services are carried out without making a mess. We are committed to making your floors shine again without intruding on your convenience and comfort. Our technicians will use shoe booties and drop clothes to make sure that we don’t track dirt into your home. Also, we will dry out your floors entirely before sealing the grout and floor tiles with a clear sealer or a colour seal as the case may be. This seal protects the grout lines in your home and prevents them from getting dirty again in the near future. You don’t have to worry about dirt and spills anymore!

Here at Splash and Shine, our grout and tile cleaning service is a mobile one. We offer extensive coverage that includes all locations in Toronto and the surrounding environs. Whether you live in a condo, an apartment or a storey building, our technicians can restore your dirty grouts and floor tiles.

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Grout And Tile Cleaning Service Toronto

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Residential Floor Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Splash and Shine offer effective grout restoration and tile cleaning services that will leave your floors shining and sparkling. Our tested and trusted grout restoration process is the result of years spent cleaning different types of floor tiles in the area.

We use specialized sealers, cleaners, coatings, caulkings and tech to clean, restore and sanitize the floor tiles in your home to perfection. In fact, as floor and tile enthusiasts, our grout and tile cleaning services are optimized to leave you with sparkling, long-lasting results.

Our floor tile and grout cleaning services are effective on marble, stone, porcelain and ceramic tiles. Let our experts take care of your dingy-looking floors today.

Kitchen Grout and Tile Cleaning

Splash and Shine can restore the grout and tiles in your kitchen to a shining new appearance using advanced cleaning and restoration processes. We do this using eco-friendly agents that will not compromise the environmental integrity of your kitchens.

While restoring the floors in your kitchen, we can also apply a colour based sealant to change the appearance of your grout and leave you with a beautiful new look!

Also, our grout and tile cleaning service for your kitchen includes the sanitation of your countertops. When we finish with your kitchen, every granite, marble or ceramic surface will sparkle like new.

Bathroom Grout and Tile Cleaning

Do you have dirty tiles in your bathroom? Perhaps, constant washing is no longer enough to restore the tiles in your floor to a shining perfection? Let our grout and tile restoration experts take over. We will use special cleaning agents to clean, sanitize and restore your floors to their lost glory. Also, our experts will use special sealants to make sure that you don’t have to worry about the dirt in your grout lines for a long time.

Here at Splash and Shine, we will:

  • Remove dirt and contaminants from your floor and wall times
  • Make your floor tiles look clean and glow like new
  • Clean grout lines and enhanced aesthetic appeal
  • Boost the life expectancy of your tiles
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