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Commercial window cleaners can get those dirty windows in your place of business shining again. They say first impressions last longer. This is especially true if you are looking to impress customers. In fact, the general appearance of your offices is an important determining factor that contributes to your business’ image.

The windows in your office are a part of your business image. Therefore, you need reliable commercial window cleaning to ensure that they are always squeaky clean and sparkling. This is what we do at Splash and Shine.

Splash and Shine is a fully insured company that provides reliable commercial window cleaning services to businesses situated across Toronto. We have years of experience cleaning different types of windows. From window panes, to arch windows and skylight windows, as long as it is made from glass, we will clean it.

Our commercial window cleaners are professionals. We will arrive at your place of business equipped with all of the brushes, extendable poles, and cleaning agents needed to get the windows in your offices sparkling again.

Window Cleaning at Splash and Shine

Commercial window cleaning at Splash and Shine is not limited to windows. We also handle the cleaning of signage, glass doors, storefronts, awnings and many more fixtures that will contribute to the impression that your office gives to customers.

Our team of window cleaning experts can provide window cleaning services for the following locations:

  • Commercial office buildings
  • Retail buildings
  • Industrial warehouses
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Churches
  • Educational Institutions
  • Medical and Dental Care Facilities
  • Government Buildings

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Commercial Window Cleaning

The Splash and Shine Experience

Our commercial window cleaners understand what it takes to clean windows located in a place of business. We will come in and clean the insides as well as the exterior of your windows without affecting your operations. If you don’t work on weekends, we can arrange to clean your windows during those off-business hours.

With commercial window cleaning, you can finally get as much light as you want into your office. Best of all, with Splash and Shine, you are getting your windows cleaned by a service that cleans up after itself. Our commercial window cleaners use shoe booties as well as drop cloths to make sure that we don’t leave you with a mess that you have to clean after we are gone.

Our commercial window cleaning is eco-friendly. This is the case for two primary reasons. Firstly, glass is a very delicate and porous material. Often time, during the cleaning process, chemical agents can seep into the glass. This is why we make use of eco-friendly cleaning agents that will have zero effects on the integrity of your glass windows.

Secondly, we use eco-friendly commercial window cleaning techniques to protect the environment of your offices. We understand that your place of business is a high foot traffic zone. Therefore, it is essential that the immediate environment exudes wholesome health. The cleaning agents and solutions we use on your windows will not emit any dangerous particles into the atmosphere. Therefore, you, your visitors and your customers are completely safe.

Our commercial window cleaners are just a simple call away. All you have to do is call us, and we will send a team of experts your way. Whether your offices are on the 35th floor or the 2nd floor, we can clean them. We use cutting edge carbon fibre extendable tech on our poles to reach the tallest windows. In unique cases, our commercial window cleaners will use a crane to reach your windows.

Out commercial window cleaning involves the following:

  • Rubbing down your windows to remove dust particles
  • Thorough scrubbing using effective agents and special brushes that won’t leave marks. This step removes ingrained grease, dirt, grime and allergens from your windows.
  • The glass is squeegeed to remove all of the water and dirt from your windows.
  • Cleaning of the edges and sills of your windows to leave you with clear, sparkling glass panes.

This process is mirrored and tweaked based on the uniqueness of your commercial window cleaning needs.

We can also use this process to clean windows on your roofs and over walkways.

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Commercial Window Cleaning in Toronto

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Our commercial window cleaning services are fully mobile. We will drive out to your offices and get your windows clean and dry the same day you call. Except the project is an extensive one, you will get your windows cleaned and dry the same day you call us!

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Commercial Window Cleaning

Why Choose Splash and Shine

Our commercial window cleaning services are designed to provide you with the best results for your offices. First off, our commercial window cleaners are experts. They are highly experienced, professional and prompt. Therefore, we can assure you of excellent services.

Also, our services come with a 100% guarantee. They are also fully insured. Our window cleaners are experts that will get the job done without any extenuating issues. However, in the rare chance that damages occur while we are cleaning your windows, you will be fully reimbursed.

Affordable Service

The best part is that our services are very affordable. As a commercial entity, we understand that getting the funds to finance different business needs can be a huge bother. This is why we have designed our commercial window cleaning in Toronto to be hugely affordable.

You don’t have to put a hole in your budget because you want sparkling clean windows. In fact, over a long period of doing business together, we offer discounts and package pricing that makes paying for window cleaning more comfortable.

Choose Splash and Shine because we offer the following:

  • Complete professionalism across the board
  • 100% guarantee on our services
  • Experienced and professional commercial window cleaners
  • Accessible customer care support
  • Trained and licensed window cleaning experts

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We have the tools, the expertise and the cleaning agents to revitalize your office windows. Let’s make your place of business beautiful again.

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