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Office steam cleaning is now accessible with a simple call. Splash and Shine, the leading provider of commercial steam cleaning services in Toronto are proud to be able to provide you with the best steam cleaning services. We are a business with years of experience cleaning different types of rugs and carpets in Toronto. This expertise and experience are a part of our core values. We use the latest technology in the field of steam cleaning to leave your carpets and rugs looking like new again. Contact us today for efficient steam cleaning services.

Expert carpet cleaners handle commercial steam cleaning at Splash and Shine. In the same vein, our carpet cleaners are equipped with the latest portable as well as hand-held steam cleaning equipment. We understand the importance of clean carpets and rugs in a place of business. Often time, they can be a pointer of our efficient your business is.

Not to worry, our expert carpet cleaners know the best steam cleaning routines for your office carpets and rugs. In unique cases, we combine our carpet steam cleaning with hot water extraction techniques to leave you with squeaky clean rugs and carpets.

We Clean All Types of Carpets

Every step involved in our office steam cleaning service has been optimized for total convenience and efficiency. Our services are prompt, professional and speedy. All you have to do is contact us, and in a few hours, we will leave you with clean, dry carpets and rugs in your offices.

Our carpet cleaners arrive with all of the equipment, tools and cleaning agents needed to steam clean your carpets effectively. Also, our commercial steam cleaning is carried out using a unique combination of efficient and eco-friendly cleaning agents. Your health and that of your customers is important to us. This is why we take extreme care to make sure that your office steam cleaning is done without affecting the environment.

Have you been wondering how to get those ugly stains out of the carpets in your office? Perhaps you can’t even touch the drapes in your office due to ingrained dirt. Splash and Shine have got you covered. Our expert carpet cleaners will use the latest steam cleaning technology to get your carpets shining again.

Our team of experts can provide carpet steaming services for the following locations:

  • Commercial office buildings
  • Retail buildings
  • Industrial warehouses
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Churches
  • Educational Institutions
  • Medical and Dental Care Facilities
  • Government Buildings

The Splash and Shine Experience

Our commercial steam cleaning services are designed to be perfect for your offices. Is your place of business on the 31st floor or on the ground floor? Whatever the case may be, we have portable and truck-mounted equipment that we can use to excellent results.

In the same vein, our office carpet cleaners are licensed experts with experience. Every single one of our carpet cleaners is highly trained, versatile and fully licensed to handle the carpets and rugs in your offices. Also, our portable equipment is designed to fit into small rooms. Therefore, no matter how complicated or straightforward your office steam cleaning needs may be, we have got you covered.

Additionally, we carry out steam cleaning offices without getting in the way of business. This we achieve by scheduling an appointment during your off-business hours. When you are at home relaxing or carrying out other productive tasks, our carpet cleaners will get in and refurbish your dingy carpets, rugs and drapes. Also, we use quick-dry and powerful water extractors to make sure that your carpet will be devoid of moisture in a few, short hours.

The best part is that our services are totally affordable. We offer discounts and package pricing that is perfect for offices with multiple carpets that need to be steam cleaned. You don’t have to pay through the nose to make your carpets and rugs gleam again.

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Office Steam Cleaning Toronto

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Office Steam Cleaning – Splash and Shine

Our Process

Here at Splash and Shine, our office steam cleaning comes with guaranteed beautiful results. This is because we pay attention to detail. We also have a patent process that ensures effective removal of dirt and grime in your carpets. Our process involves


Our expert carpet cleaners will asses the severity of your carpet. We will take factors such as the material, the colours and the degree of dirt into account during this step. After that, we will use this information to determine the right combination of elements to clean your carpets and your rugs.


Our carpet cleaners use specialized agents to loosen up the fibres in your carpets and rugs. This makes it easier to extract dirt and grime from your rugs and carpets.

Stain Treatment

As a part of our office steam cleaning service, our agents focus on the removal of stubborn stains. We do this using concentrated eco-friendly agents that will not have adverse effects on your rugs and carpets. We can’t guarantee the complete removal of stains in your carpets. However, we assure you that every stain will be removed to the best possible degree.

Steam Cleaning

This step is carried out using cutting edge steam cleaners. During this step, every single piece of a contaminant in your carpets will be removed. We will use a combo of pressure, hot water and steam to get deep into the microfibres of the carpets and rugs in your office. The result is a carpet or rug that sparkles and shines like it is new again.

With Splash and Shine, you are assured of the following:

  • Experienced and professional carpet cleaners
  • Highly rated cleaning services
  • Affordable rates
  • Complete satisfaction
  • Affordable rates

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Commercial steam cleaning at Splash and Shine comes with a guarantee of excellent results. Even your customers will be amazed at the positive change in the appearance of your business space.

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