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Carpet steam cleaning should be the least of your worries. Splash and Shine, the leading provider of carpet cleaning services in Toronto, offers excellent steam cleaning services. Ours is a business with years of experience cleaning different types and styles of rugs in the Toronto area. This experience is a big part of the expertise that comes with our carpet steam cleaning services. Contact us today for efficient carpet steam cleaning that will leave your rugs and carpet shinier than ever before.

Our carpet cleaning is done using the latest in truck-mounted as well as portable equipment. We know the type of carpet steam cleaning routine that will be best for your rug. If there is a need to combine our carpet steam cleaning services with hot water extraction, our technicians have the training to get it done seamlessly.

Every step of our carpet steam cleaning has been optimized for convenience and efficiency. All you have to do is contact us, and we will send off a team of carpet steam cleaning experts to your location. Our experts come equipped with the tools and the equipment to get the job done the same day you call us. Also, we use a combination of eco-friendly and efficient means to keep your carpet in the best possible condition.

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Carpet Steam Cleaning Services in Toronto

The Splash and Shine Experience

Our carpet steam cleaning is perfect for your home. Do you live in a townhouse, a condo or an apartment building? You haven’t cleaned your rugs in the past five years? No problem, our carpet cleaners are experts. Also, our carpet cleaners are equipped with the latest cleaning tech and agents in the industry. Therefore, you can be assured of excellent results!

The portable systems we use have the same power as truck-mounted systems. Also, they are designed to fit in small areas, including condo elevators and apartment rooms.

We use these powerful, efficient devices to carry out your carpet steam cleaning and dry your rugs quickly. This means our carpet steam cleaning services are faster, more efficient and reliable.

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Why Do You Need Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is an effective cleaning method that gets rid of stains in your carpet and rugs while disinfecting it. Our excellent cleaning method can help you get rid of fleas, mould spores, germs and bedbugs. Therefore, your carpet will be refreshed, clean, and, most importantly, great for healthy living conditions.

Have you been struggling with keeping your carpet clean? Are there stubborn stains on your carpet? Steam cleaning is the way to get rid of these stains. It is fast, efficient and guaranteed to get the job done quickly.

Additionally, we carry it out without damaging your place of resident. In the event that there are any spills during the carpet cleaning process, we clean up after ourselves.

Our steam carpet cleaning services are optimized for your comfort.

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Our carpet steam cleaning is fast, efficient and reliable. We will help you get rid of stubborn stains, dirt and allergens in your carpet. The best part is that we will do this at your convenience.

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Steam Carpet Cleaning in Toronto

Our Process

Here at Splash and Shine, we will get your carpets steam cleaned quickly and effectively. This is because we don’t cut corners. Every step of our steam carpet cleaning services serves a purpose. The process of getting your carpet steam cleaned by the expert carpet cleaners at Splash and Shine involve the following:


During this step, our expert carpet cleaners will asses the integrity and state of your carpet and rugs. This way, we can determine the best way to clean your rugs and carpets.


Our carpet cleaners use a unique formula to loosen the fibres in your rugs and carpets. This prepares your carpet for the extraction step. It makes it easier to remove ingrained dirt from your carpets and rugs.

Stain Treatment

We use concentrated cleaning agents to remove stubborn spots. Although it is impossible to guarantee you complete removal of all stains, our technicians will do their best to remove all spots and stains in your carpets.

Spot and Stain Treatment

Our technicians will use a concentrated solution to tackle the more stubborn and spotty areas. While we cannot guarantee the removal of stains, we will try our best to remove or reduce the spots we come across.

Steam Cleaning

This is the most important step in getting your carpets clean. Our expert carpet cleaners will use pressure, hot water and steam to get deep into the fibres of your carpet and extract allergens. We carry out this step using state of the art equipment and new-age techniques. The result is a sparkling clean carpet.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Toronto

Why Choose Splash and Shine

Carpet steam cleaning is one of the efficient services we offer to residents in Toronto. We have multiple years of experience cleaning carpets and rugs. This means that we offer you the absolute best in cleaning results.

A carpet that is cleaned by our technicians will look sparkling clean. The dirty stains on the carpet will be gone. We use eco-friendly agents and deodorizers to leave your carpet and rug smelling great.

Our carpet steam cleaning is carried out with top-notch equipment. Therefore, we guarantee quick results. We will clean and dry your carpet without compromising its beauty and integrity in a couple of hours. Splash and Shine is a brand that is committed to preserving and cleaning your carpets with efficient eco-friendly techniques.

Our carpet steam cleaning services are excellent because we offer the following:

  • Experienced carpet cleaning technicians
  • Fully insured and certified carpet steam cleaning services
  • Highly Rated Services.
  • Affordable rates. There are no hidden fees attached to our services.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
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