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Floor polishing service is a professional task that can make your floors look more beautiful than ever before. You don’t have to hide your hardwood and marble floors under your carpet anymore. Splash and Shine, the foremost provider of floor waxing services will wax and polish the floors in your home to perfection.

Floor waxing services can bring the sheen and shine back into your floors. With constant usage, it is very normal for your floor to lose its beauty and shine. Even if you wash and scrub the floors in your residential home regularly, the natural wear and tear will cause it to fade. This is where an excellent flooring polishing service comes in.

Splash and Shine is home to expert floor waxers and polishers. Our expert floor cleaners have multiple years of experience bringing out lost beauty on the floors in your home. We polish and wax the floors in the homes of thousands of residents in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Therefore, we have the versatility, the expertise and the experience to provide floor waxing services on different types of floors.

Are you worried that a floor polishing service may cause damage to your home? Our floor waxing services are carried out using eco-friendly products. We will clean, wax and polish your floors using waxing products that are good for the environment. In fact, our floor waxing services include the removal of allergens and mould from your floors. In the end, our goal is to make your floors shine and perfect for human habitation.

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Floor Waxing Services Toronto

Our Process

Our floor polishing service is carried out professionally. We don’t cut corners with our work. As floor care enthusiasts, we are dedicated to providing you with top-notch floor waxing services. Therefore, we assure you of excellent floor waxing services every time we arrive at your doorsteps.

Our floor polishing service starts with the removal of all dirt, grease and foreign contaminants from the floors in your home. Your floor can’t shine if it’s dirty. Following this, we carry out an assessment on the floors in your home. Doing this allows us to select the right combination of waxing and polishing agents to penetrate into the micro fibres of your floor.

We carry out our floor waxing services on your floor in a professional manner. After we buff the floors in your home to perfection, we will also leave your floors with a protective layer that will strengthen its lustre and shine.

The floor polishing service we provide at Splash and Shine ends with the use of special polishing tools and pads to shine and smoothen your floors. The result is flooring that adds to the beauty and shine of the rooms in your home.

Wax and Polish Your Floors

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Floor polishing, waxing and buffing is a core service that we render to residents across Toronto. We also provide this service on a regular basis to residents, maintaining and preserving the shine of the floors in their homes.

Contact us to learn more about our floor waxing services. Our customer care team will tell you our floor polishing service will be great for your Toronto home. Also, we are ready to answer any questions you may have about floor polishing and waxing.

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We polish all types of floors. In the same vein, our floor technicians have years of experience polishing and waxing different kinds of floors.

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Why You Need A Floor Polishing Service

We design our floor waxing services to keep the floors of your home in the best possible shape. You want your visitors to be impressed by the beauty of your home. In the same vein, you also want to be sure that your floors are contributing to the wholesome environmental health of your home.

Sometimes you may be too busy to wax your floors yourself. In fact, the issue may be that you don’t have the tools and waxing agents needed to buff and polish your floors. A professional floor polishing service has the above mentioned in large supply. Here at Splash and Shine, our floor polishers and waxers will show up with all of the agents needed to get your floors dazzling again.

Professional floor waxing increases the durability and resistance of the floors in your home. Our polishing and waxing services also come with improved slip resistance for your floors.

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Choose Splash and Shine For all of your Floor Waxing Needs

You should make sure that a professional floor polishing service handles your floor waxing needs. You don’t want your floors to be exposed to harsh chemicals that can compromise their integrity and beauty.

We offer an eco-friendly strategy to floor polishing. Our floor waxing services start with an assessment step that determines the right materials to clean your floors. Also, you can be sure that our services will not be harmful to your children, pets and other residents in your home.


Our floor waxing technicians are experts. They understand how to use the best combination of waxing agents on different types of floors. Whether you own a granite floor, a marble floor or hardwood floors, we have the experience and the versatility to polish it to a shine.

Affordable Services

We offer our excellent floor waxing services at competitive prices. You don’t have to pay through the nose to increase the beauty and shine of your floors. Let Splash and Shine provide you with affordable floor waxing services that are reliable.

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No matter the type of floors that you own, we will buff and polish it to perfection. You don’t have to worry about unwanted environmental side effects. Our process is designed to be eco-friendly and beneficial for the floors in your home.

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