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Splash and Shine is one of the leading providers of residential Sanitizing spray services in Toronto and the GTA. Our cleaning services for your home are designed to make your home clinically clean.

It is one thing for your home to look clean and polished. Also, it is another for it to be completely devoid of germs and microorganisms that can cause diseases and infections. This is what we offer here at Splash and Shine.

Are you worried that your house may be a breeding ground for dangerous infections? Perhaps, there’s a consistent odour in your home that you want to get rid of. Our residential Sanitizing spray service in Toronto is the solution. We offer fragrance and allergen-free Sanitizing spray cleaning techniques that will keep your home completely sterile.

Splash and Shine offers the next level in residential cleaning  & Sanitizing services. Book an appointment with our Sanitizing spray cleaning team today!

Professional Sanitizing Spray Cleaning For Your Homes

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Residential Sanitizing spray cleaning services require a lot of caution combined with expertise. For one, the results of this service can often be the difference between health and sickness for residents in any home. As such, it is hugely vital that your residential Sanitizing spray services are provided by a professional cleaning company with a reputation for excellence.

Here at Splash and Shine, our residential Sanitizing spraying services are handled by professional sprayers with experience. We know the types of chemical and spraying products to use to achieve the best results. More importantly, we will work without disturbing the fixtures and fittings in your home. Everything will be just as you left it — and completely free of all germs and harmful microorganisms.

Latest Spraying Tech

Our residential Sanitizing for Toronto homes is delivered using advanced, electrostatic sprayers. These sprayers deliver hospital-grade disinfecting agents to every nook and cranny of your home.

NSF Certified

The disinfecting agents we use are completely NSF certified for use on all surfaces. You don’t have to worry about touching dangerous materials after the work is done. Our cleaning products are passed fit for all residential surfaces in the home including food contact surfaces.


Are you worried that you may be left irritated after our residential spraying services? The products we use are non-irritants. You don’t have to worry that your skin, lungs or eyes will see any side effects from exposure.


We don’t leave any residue behind, even in the form of smells. Our residential spraying techniques are fully designed to be devoid of any odour/fragrance of any kind. Additionally, you won’t find any powder or liquid residue that you need to clean.

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We are a fully registered cleaning company that delivers residential spraying services that leave your homes 100% germ-free. Discuss your residential cleaning needs with us today!

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Sanitize & Make Your Home Completely Healthy

Most of the time, the reason we fall sick is the presence of germs and other disease-causing microbes in our personal space. You can ensure your overall health by hiring a professional residential spraying and cleaning service in Toronto.

When you spray-clean your home with Splash and Shine, your home will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Odour-free cleaning
  • Allergen-free spraying
  • Completely bacteria and germ free

We can effectively kill H1N1, E Coli, Staph, Norovirus and other harmful microbes. Find out how our residential spray services can keep you healthy.

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