Professional Carpet Cleaning Costs in Canada

Paying the cost of professional carpet cleaning not only makes your carpets shine. In addition, it comes with other amazing benefits. For starters, carpet cleaning helps your carpet look newer and last longer. It can also help you save money on carpet replacement. An effective carpet stain removal job carefully removes the need for carpet patching. It keeps your carpet flawless and retains value for your flooring. 

Well cleaned and unstained carpet not only contributes toward overall home value but also offers health benefits. Additionally, carpet cleaning also reduces the levels of dust and pathogens sticking to the carpet. Maintaining the cleanliness of your carpet reduces the occurrence of allergic reactions, asthma, and minimizes the spread of illness. 

All of these benefits are put into consideration when determining the cost of professional carpet cleaning. However, contrary to most people’s belief, the price of professional carpet cleaning in Toronto is worth it. Keep reading to see what we mean!

How Much Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost?

When it comes to pricing, the average professional carpet cleaning cost is $0.25 per square foot. If it is per room, the price may fall between $25 to $70, with most homeowners paying around $50 per room. For an average three-bedroom home, you might pay about $175 while larger whole-house carpet cleaning can cost between $300 to $600.

Since every home has a different size and may contain one or more types of carpets, there are no exact estimated prices for professional carpet cleaning. However, there are two common ways that companies use to determine the cost.

Professional carpet cleaning services providers may charge per room. It means that they offer a flat carpet cleaning rate for each room in a home. This method usually includes a size cap, so some companies may consider one room as two if it measures over the maximum standard room square footage.

Also, carpet cleaners usually charge extra for moving furniture and other belongings before doing the carpet cleaning. As homeowners, you can move couches, equipment, appliances, and other large objects to reduce the cost. To get the exact cost, find a professional carpet cleaner near you to get free estimates.

Additional Professional Carpet Cleaning Costs

Some carpet cleaning companies may charge you more for heavily soiled carpets. But some companies are willing to tie in the deep cleaning needed at a discounted price for an entire house carpet cleaning. Mostly, a reasonable price for up to 1,000 sq. Ft of a heavily soiled carpet may fall around $190.

Below are some of the factors that may add up the overall professional carpet cleaning cost.

Stains, Dirt and Odour Removal 

Professional carpet cleaners can easily remove stubborn stains. They can also offer pre-treatment services for heavy and odorous stains before the main carpet cleaning work begins. 

However, if your carpets are exposed to stains and dirt, you may need to replace the carpet pad underneath. A carpet pad can cost up to $300.

Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning

Sometimes, carpet cleaners provide extra furniture and upholstery cleaning service. They use hot water extraction to remove all the specks of dirt and grime from your furniture. This step can add as much as $100 to the overall cost of professional carpet cleaning. 

Stairs Cleaning

Another cleaning service, provided by carpet cleaners is stairs cleaning. Although it’s relatively inexpensive, it’s an extra charge that may increase the overall cost of professional carpet cleaning.

Furniture Moving & Removal 

Removal of furniture and other equipment is needed to make the carpet cleaning process successful. Those large pieces of furniture should not cover all parts of the carpet that need cleaning, so it’s necessary to move those pieces. If you do not do this, before the carpet cleaning, you can expect to pay at least $20/hour.

Teflon Treatment

A local carpet cleaning service can also offer you a Teflon treatment. This is a water-resistant coating applied to your carpet. Furthermore, it puts a barrier between the carpet fibres so liquid or solid food does not spill directly on your carpet. Teflon treatments can cost $20 and above


Wicking is caused by stains that have seeped into your carpet pad. Usually, they may show up within one to two days after drying. It manifests in the form of a dark stain rising through the pad, carpet, and surface of the carpet fibres. 

If this happens, your carpet cleaner may need to come back and clean that spot all over again. Fortunately, many local carpet cleaning companies offer warranties (a few days to a month). Be sure to look for a company near you that offers some form of guarantee on its cleaning services.

Cleaning Your Carpet or Replacing it: Which is best?

Now, the question is, can professional carpet cleaning bring better value than totally replacing it? In the majority of cases, professional carpet cleaning is the better option. Getting your carpet a professional cleaning is much more cost-effective than having it replaced.

Also, most carpets can get many more years of wear if they remain squeaky clean. On the other hand, a poor quality carpet cleaning job can ruin your carpets permanently. Therefore, don’t let the cost of professional carpet cleaning stop you from getting quality service. 

Keep in mind that carpets can build up dust, dirt, and allergens almost daily, so they need a deep cleaning once or twice a year. Cleaning depends on the number of pets and exposure to dust.

On the other hand, do-it-yourself carpet cleaning can work well but only temporarily. Truck-mounted machinery used by professional carpet cleaners can do a lot better and comes with longer-lasting effects.


When it comes to pricing, professional carpet cleaning companies tend to charge based on the square footage of the carpet or per room. For an average three-bedroom home, you might pay around $175 while for a larger house (entire bedrooms) the cleaning can cost between $300 to $600. 

Usually, carpet cleaners also charge extra for moving furniture and other additional costs. You can always ask them for the overall carpet cleaning cost. 

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