How Much Does Residential Floor Waxing and Cleaning Cost?

Are you tired seeing those stains and peck of dirt on your house floorings every day? Then, why not look for a professional floor cleaning company to restore your home to its former ambiance. 

Professional floor cleaning companies offer floor cleaning services in every type of property like houses, apartments, buildings, and commercial businesses. 

In Splash and Shine, we provide services for a range of flooring types like hardwood, concrete, wood laminate, tile, etc. While other flooring companies are only specializing in a certain floor type, like hardwood floors or refinishing natural stone. If you have a carpet at your home, Splash & Shine offers a carpet cleaning service, too. 


Why Get Floor Cleaning Services?

Over time your flooring might begin to look filthy from scratches, stains or marks made by your kids or pets. If this happened, you have two options, either install new floorings or hire a cleaner. However, the cost of installing a new floor can cause you more money than hiring a professional floor cleaner. If you want to save and bring back the glory of your house, it’s safer to choose the latter one. 

As dirt is lifted and surface scratches and stains are removed, your flooring can look brand-new again. Each type of hard floors requires different types of cleaning methods and equipment. This means that every floor cleaning service has a corresponding cost as well. If you’re planning to get a floor cleaning service, look for a cleaning company that has proven experience. These professional floor cleaners can clean one room in your home to an entire commercial building.


Floor Waxing and Cleaning Cost For Your Home

If you have wood, stone or laminated flooring, you need to regularly wax and clean. This is it to ensure a long floor life span and a hygienic home environment. When it comes to waxing and floor cleaning, the frequency should depend on how much foot traffic the area receives. Although, experts suggest cleaning and waxing your flooring every six months. 

We are sure you are now wondering how much it will cost you to get floor cleaning services. So below are some of the estimated costs of floor waxing and cleaning services.

General Floor Cleaning Cost

Professional cleaners offer floor cleaning services usually offer floor stripping, waxing, sealing and buffing. Typically, the average cost of each floor cleaning service depends on the square footage of your home/space. 

Here’s the average cost based on a 1,000-square-foot:

  • Floor scrubbing – $11-$31 
  • Machine stripping – $20-$60
  • Floor finish application – $15-$20
  • Floor sealer application – $15-$20

For residential, floor cleaning rates typically depend on the room space. Most house rooms typically range from $80-$120. Expect minimum charges of $90-$150.

Other Floor Cleaning  Services 


Carpet Cleaning 


Carpet cleaning average price is about $.18 per sq ft. Its costs may range from $.10 to $.25 per square foot. If per hour, carpet cleaning average cost is about $30 per hour. Its cost may range around $20 – $40 per hour.


Hardwood Floor Cleaning 


For hardwood floor cleaning, its average cost is about $.20 per sq ft. Its costs are ranging from $.20 to $.40 per square foot.


Hard Floor Cleaning 


For a 1,000sqft, the estimated average cost of hard floor cleaning is about $100. Hard floor cleaning prices are ranging from $80 to $120 per room.


Tile and Grout Cleaning 


When it comes to tile and grout cleaning services the average cost is about $450. Tile and grout cleaning costs may range from $450 to $900.


Ceramic Tile Cleaning 


For ceramic tile cleaning services, the average cost is about $2 per sq ft. Its costs are ranging from $1 to $3 per square foot. However, most companies charge a minimum of $100 to start the entire room.


Floor Stripping & Waxing


The average cost of floor stripping and waxing is about $150. The lowest cost you could expect to pay is about $150 and the highest cost is about $200. This estimated cost is based on a 314 sq ft room. The average cost of floor stripping and waxing is $1.80 per sq ft.


Factors That Affects the Floor Waxing and Cleaning Cost

  • Type of floor. Is your house flooring new or old? Generally, it is easy to strip the new floor so the costs are lower. If you have old floorings, the costs are much higher. 
  • Floor stains and scratches. If there are a lot of stains and deep scratches on your flooring additional time needed to scrape them. Also, additional detail cleaning will increase the cost.
  • Size of space/room. If you need a cleaning company to strip and wax the floors in the large room, expect lower prices per sq. The rule of thumb is, the larger the floor area to be cleaned, the lower the cost per square foot. 
  • Time preparation. Preparation for the cleaning job takes a lot of time. When estimating the cost, cleaning companies consider how much time they need to prepare for the job. If the floor cleaning in your house requires additional time, then the cost of floor cleaning services may also increase. 
  • Type of products used. Some cleaning companies may charge you more or less for floor stripping/waxing services. They may charge you less but it may be because they are using less expensive products. Same with, they may charge you more because of the products used. If you only clean the house flooring over an extended period of time it is better that you use the more expensive product brands for extended life and durability
  • Moving furniture. If the cleaning company will do the moving of furniture before and after the job, costs may increase by 20%.
  • Wax buildup. If there is a lot of old wax on your house flooring, they may have to strip it a few times. Therefore, they need to add more products and more labour has to be used.
  • Edgework. The more edges in your room, the more time the cleaners have to remove wax at the edges and corners. This will also cause the price to increase.
  • The number of finish coats. The more coats are put on your house flooring, the higher the cost.
  • Fixtures to work around. Do you have a lot of fixtures, furniture, miscellaneous equipment at home? If so, you might need to remove it during the stripping/waxing process. If not, the cleaners will spend additional time working around them which may also increase the cost. 
  • Travel distance. If you want to save your money on floor cleaning services, consider hiring locally. Cleaning companies further away from your place may add the travel time and fuel expenses into the final cleaning service cost.


Key Takeaways

Many people hire professional floor cleaning companies for routine house cleaning services. They do this to maintain their house flooring looks good as well as to extend its lifespan. Typically, floor cleaning companies charge per square foot for their floor cleaning services. The cost per square foot will take into account labour, cleaning equipment, cleaning products, floor type, and etc.

If you are looking for a floor cleaning company, you can consider Splash & Shine. Our expert floor cleaners have multiple years of experience bringing out lost beauty on the floors in your home. We clean and wax the floors in the homes of thousands of residents in Toronto. If you wish to get an estimated cost for your home floor waxing and cleaning, you can contact us today.

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