Cost of Window Cleaning in GTA

Whether you admit it or not, cleaning your house window is a bit tiring house chores to do. More even, if you are a busy person who is always away from home. Nevertheless, no one can stand seeing dirt and dust when looking at the window. So everyone is still obliged to clean their house or their commercial building. Remember, you put windows to see the outside surroundings not to see perks of dirt there every morning. 

Also, dirt and dust might ruin your house’s first impression to a passerby, let’s not forget that “first impression lasts”. We are sure that you don’t want to hear your neighbourhood or anyone says, “your house is full of dirt”. Of course, you want to make your house (inside and outside) appealing to the eyes. 

Fortunately, there are window cleaning companies that can maintain the cleanliness of all window glass types. Aside from that, with their regular window cleaning services, your window glass can last longer. 

Professional window washers can take care of your windows with the use of the right equipment and performing proper safety precautions. Be it an exterior or interior window cleaning, window screen or track washing, Splash & Shine can help you.

In Splash & Shine, we clean all types of windows, residential units or commercial building windows. 


How Much is the Cost of Window Cleaning Services in GTA?

Residential Window Cleaning Services

For residential property, the average window cleaning cost is $30 per hour. Whereas, in terms of the window panel, the average window cleaning cost is $2-$3 per panel. Here are some estimated prices for each residential property type. 

  • Apartment: $150-$180
  • Small to the medium house: $180-$250
  • Ground-level house (large): $250-$330
  • Two-storey house: $330+ 

The overall estimated average cost for residential window cleaning in GTA is around $180. This is estimated for a single-storey house with average-sized windows.

Usually, window cleaners ask for an extra charge for cleaning the window screen and windows on the upper floors. Although, some window cleaning contractors still charge a minimum window cleaning service cost of $150.

Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Window cleaning service estimated costs for high rise commercial buildings is ranging from $180 to over $1,200. However, every commercial building is unique, so most window cleaning companies only give their estimated cost after seeing the building. Below are some of the estimated costs:

  • Three-storey commercial building with at least 2 employees per team: $180 per day
  • High rise commercial building with at least 3 employees per team: $1,200 per day

Again, take note that these window cleaning costs in GTA are just the estimated cost. Professional window cleaners have a minimum price per project. 


Some Factors Affecting the Cost of Window Cleaning

The window types – the type of windows also affects the cost. Some window types are easy to clean while there are some that take longer to clean. Here are some of the average estimated cost per window type: 

  • Small-pane: $1-$2 
  • Double-hung, which is equal to two windows: $8 per window
  • Multi-pane: $4 per pane 
  • Regular-sized windows: $6-$7 per window
  • French window: $9-$11 per window

The number of windows – is one of the common factors that affect the window cleaning cost. Most window cleaners are charging per number of windows or window panes. So, obviously, the more windows you have, the higher the overall cost. 

The amount of dust and dirt – When it comes to this, one thing is for sure. The more dirt and dust that has built up over time has a much higher charge. Lucky you are if you regularly hire window cleaners to clean your windows. This will definitely lower the cost of your window cleaning service. 

The window accessibility – Another factor is the accessibility of your window. Too high and difficult access to your window makes the job more complex. Doing it on your own is dangerous, so your only option is to hire some professionals. Hiring a professional window cleaner is recommended to reach your home’s ceiling height accent windows and even your attic windows. Pro window cleaners might use a ladder or other equipment to reach high windows. However, if it is too high and complex, some charge extra fees to deal with those windows. Do not hesitate to pay additional charges, these professionals will surely maintain cleanliness to your house or building property’s windows. 

Some additional services – Some window cleaning services in GTA include window screens, panes, and tracks in their cleaning service. However, other companies ask for some additional fees for the other cleaning services.

If you want to have some extra cleaning around your windows. This may give you an idea: 

  • Window screens: $2-$3 per screen.
  • Window tracks: $1-$1.50 per window.


How to Reduce Your Window Cleaning Cost?

You do not have to worry about the window cleaning cost because we have solutions to that. You can reduce your window cleaning costs. Yes, it is possible to happen.

Here are some of the things you can do to lessen the cost. 

  • Remove all the things from the window sills. If you have your plants, photos, etc, on the window sills, you might as well remove it. Better look for a different place to store your things until the cleaning is done. If you wish to make the cleaning services finish quickly. Remember some cleaning companies charge per hour. Do the decluttering yourself to make the cleaning easier and quicker.
  • Remove curtains. Pro window cleaners also wash your window shades, fly screens and plastic blinds. Better remove your curtains first, so they are not obliged to do it for you. Removing those curtains also consumes their time, and it will prolong their working hour. Long working hours may increase its costs, most especially if the window washers you hired charge per hour.
  • Remove everything that blocks your window access. Do this to both inside and outside windows. Before the window cleaners arrive, remove all the unnecessary things.  Set aside all of your furniture that can make your windows more difficult to reach. 
  • Check the outside surroundings of your house. It is better to be safe than sorry. Always check the place where work will be done to prevent accidents. You may not know that there are some covered up holes near your window. Doing this can avoid dangerous circumstances. There is no harm in walking around your house to see if there is anything you need to address.


Key Takeaways

The cost of window cleaning varies, it depends on several factors. Some factors that may affect its cost are the number of windows and types of windows you have. Generally, if your windows are double-hung or have multiple panes, the higher its cost. Window cleaning pricing for residential and commercial buildings in GTA also differ. One more factor is your geographic location. Location can impact the cost of your window washing because of the influence of regional labour rates. Some companies pay their employees based on the fixed minimum wage of that local.

If you still have questions in your mind, feel free to visit Splash & Shine. You can also contact us today to get an estimated cost of window washing for your home or commercial buildings.

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